Products and Services

Does Chain Glass provide installation services?
Does Chain Glass supply curved / bent glass?
Does Chain Glass go to the site to take measurements for glass requirement by its clients?
What is the difference between normal (ordinary / annealed) glass versus tempered glass?
I have annealed glass; does Chain Glass provide services (tempering, laminating, drilling, etc.) only?
Is it possible to restore glass with scratches? Does Chain Glass provide this kind of service?
Is it possible to use glass for flooring application?
Can figured glass/mirror be tempered?
Why did my sealant tube exhibit premature “hardening” even though it hasn’t been opened yet?


What is the estimated lead time of delivery of goods purchased from Chain Glass?
Does Chain Glass deliver goods above ground level?
Are there delivery charges for purchased goods?
Are there any premium for our rush orders?

Repair, Return and Replacement

Does Chain Glass provide replacement for “rejected” glass?
Is it possible for Chain Glass to modify my purchased glass into smaller sizes?
If a piece of tempered glass is rejected out-right during delivery due to irreparable damage (ex. deep chipping), can I request your office to replace the glass with the same specs or type but a much smaller dimension?


Does Chain Glass allow plant visit?
Does Chain Glass conduct technical discussion or presentation to architects, engineers, designers and academic institutions?