DOWSIL Spacer Tapes for Structural Glazing

DOWSIL Spacer Tapes for Structural Glazing


DOWSIL Spacer Tape for Structural Glazing is specially formulated for many outdoor mounting and joining application, inluding spacer tape for structural glazing. It has especially excellent bonding strength and high holding power on LSE (low surface energy) materials such as PVDF coated panel without primer in most cases.

DOWSIL Spacer Tape for Structural Glazing consists of a high density double-sided self-adhesive mixed cellular polyurethane foam. This quality is equipped with a high performance acrylate-based adhesive. This product has already been successfully applied for the construction of facades, halls, winter gardens, the fitting of windows and as spacer and vibration absorbing system for a large variety of industrial applications.

  • Exclusive use of high-grade pure acrylate ensures excellent shear resistance on surfaces consisting of glass, steel and anodized aluminium.
  • Good weather resistance and stability against UV-radiation.
  • Compatible with all important commercially available structural glazing silicones from DOWSIL.
  • Ideal as spacer devise in conjunction with silicone bonding technology for residential window fabrication.

DOWSIL spacer tape is an open-cell polyurethane spacer tape. That means it can shorten the curing time of one-part structural glazing sealants to half. For example, a structural bite of 18mm glazed with a one-part structural glazing sealant can take up to 17 days. With DOWSIL spacer tape, this curing time can be reduced to just 9 days, making overall work more efficient and faster.



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