Acid Etched Glass

Acid Etched Glass

Acid Etch glass, as compared to those created by the traditional sandblasted method, utilizes a specialized flatbed curtain coating process. This results in a quality that far exceeds that of its traditional sandblasted counterparts.

The new process used to create acid etch glass, reduces uneven rough surface, dirt and water stains – all of which are effects when using the traditional method. Acid etch glass offers consumers glass with a consistent and uniform desired etch surface, with clear patterns to enhance the project design. The new acid etching technology also helps keep glass free from scruff marks and finger prints, which were downsides of the traditional method. A smooth and non-porous surface also helps for easier cleaning of the glass.


  • Easier to clean as compared to traditional sandblasted glass.
  • Uniformity in appearance and design.
  • Resistant to marring and scarring.
  • Provides privacy without compromising on design and light levels.


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