Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal


Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal is a preformed silicone seal for weatherproofing applications. It is a ultra-low modulus extrusion that is bonded with our Dow Corning® 791 Weatherproofing Sealant and Dow Corning® 795 Structural Glazing Sealant. Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal has proven applications for both remedial and new applications.

This product allows you to save costs because it is an economical solution to cutting out and recaulking existing failed weatherproofing sealants. It also has a high movement capability of +200%/-75%.

Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal helps you meet some of the toughest weathersealing challenges:
• Repair failed building weatherseals
• Restore Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
• Seal thin metal curtainwalls
• Seal aluminum window leaks
• Seal joints subject to extreme movement
• Seal parapets, wall intersections, coping joints and transitions, skylights, and window perimeter joints

This product offers a wide array of colors and we can even provide color matching services to suit your needs.

Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal is backed by a 10-year limited weatherseal warranty from Dow Corning®. Terms and Conditions Apply

Dow Corning® 123 Case Study

Dow Corning® 123 Sell Sheet

Dow Corning® 123 Technical Data Sheet