DORMA SL-140 Sliding Door Gear for Glass Door


The DORMA SL-140 is a more heavy-duty sliding glass door compared to DORMA SL-100. It offer four wheeled hangers to cover a wide range of residential and commercial applications. The DORMA SL-140 standard duty system is able to take a maximum door weight of up to 140 kg.

The sturdy extruded aluminium closed track gives reliable smooth operation whilst protecting the carriers from dust and dirt. The independently-connected rollers with ball-bearings allow individual rotation to ensure optimum operation and help to prevent excess wear on the running surface.

DORMA’s sliding door gears are designed and engineered with particular attention to long-term durability, aesthetic appearance, smooth and silent operation, and ease of installation.

This product can be used for single pane sliding glass door for interior applications.

Technical Data:
Maximum door weight with security pins: 140kg
Glass thickness: 8,10 and 12mm
Maximum door weight without security pins: 80kg
Stock Lengths: 2000mm