3M™ Safety & Security Window Films (Ultra Series)

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Helping Keep Dangers Outside

Exceptional performance. Up to 42 micro-layers make 3M™ Ultra Series films totally unique as well as tough and tear-resistant. these films deliver superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events, yet still maintain a high level of optical clarity. Ultra Series films can also be combined with many 3M™ Sun Control films to give you the best of both worlds.

PropertiesUltra S150Ultra S400Ultra S600
Visible Light Transmitted87%86%84%
Visible Light Reflected Interior11%11%10%
Visible Light Reflected Exterior11%11%10%
Solar Heat Reduction3%4%
Glare Reduction2%3%5%
UV Blocked98%98%99%
Total Solar Energy Rejected19%21%22%