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Wired Glass – Safety Considerations

Wired Glass Wired glass is made up of criscrossed wires of diamond or squares inside the glass. They are generally used in fire-exit doors and sometimes even glass for shopfronts or even windows.   Wired Glass as a Safety Glass After being considering as a safety...

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Purpose of Heat Soak Test

In our article, Spontaneous Breakage and Its Causes, we understand that the nickel sulfide (NiS) content present in tempered glass might cause it break spontaneously. One way to minimize spontaneous breakage on-site is to let the tempered glass product undergo a Heat...

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Spontaneous Breakage and Its Causes

What is Spontaneous Breakage? Sometimes, after installation of tempered glass, it just breaks by itself without any exact cause. There are instances due to heavy wind load subject onto the glass, the glass will exhibit deflection on its center. Due to this deflection,...

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Sealant Curing Systems

The Current Situation In the glass and aluminum industry, as far as sealant application is concerned, many are familiar with the acetoxy cure of sealant. This type of sealant gives off the vinegar smell when applied. However, when we look at the substrates or the type...

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